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The Great Year & The UCC Year Number

Great Year Yuga Cycle - Geordano Bruno  

What is The True 'Common Era'

We are told the current common era year (at time of writing) is 2016 CE where 'CE' stands for 'Common Era', but of course this is merely the Gregorian 'Christian Era' year number imposed on the rest of the planet.

Research shows there are currently 46 different calendars in use, largely based on religious doctrine and many with completely different year numbers ranging from almost 6000 down to 1300 or so!

I am suggesting that a more appropriate common era would be based on:

1. The Scientific View - The Holocene Period

the length of time humans all over the planet allegedly began to evolve into organised societies which scientists call the 'Holocene Period' and suggest began around 12,000 years ago and

2. The Alternative View - The Great Year

the "precession of the equinoxes" and the Hindu 'Yugas' of time, i.e. the 24,000 year cycle of 'The Great Year' (also see my song 'The Golden Age' ), made up of 2 x 12,000 year periods, which approximates nicely to the Holocene Period

According to Sri Yukteswar Giri - in the introduction of his 1894 book 'The Holy Science' - there are 4 Yugas: Satya Yuga; Treta Yuga; Dwapara Yuga; Kali Yuga, known to the Greeks as the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age respectively and this Great Year cycle starts at the peak of the "Golden Age" or "Satya Yuga" which he says is when the Libra♎ equinox (Sobenox) is at the 1st Point of THE CONSTELLATION Aries*.

This last occurred in 11,502BCE Gregorian as shown below with the locations of the 12 Zodiac Constellations in the 12 Zodiac Signs at that time


Year Zero in the UCC


UCC Year Zero showing the starting positions of the Zodiac Constellations, opposite their equivalent Signs


The Fixed Star 'Revati'

The 1st Point of THE CONSTELLATION Aries is said by Eastern Astrology to be marked by the 'Fixed Star Revati', which Western Astronomy calls 'Zeta Piscium'

I have marked this Star in the Stellarium screen shot below

This also shows how far it has moved since the mid point of the Great Year in the year 12,000 UCC (499 Gregorian) at the bottom of the cycle, the mid point of the Kali Yuga, (also known rather appropriately as the 'Age of Ignorance')

Zeta Piscium in the year 13517 UCC

As you can see in this graphic this point is now about 62% into the 30° of the Constellation Pisces.

We can see the 1st Point of THE STAR SIGN Aries♈ - which marks the Aries♈ Equinox (Nobenox) - at 0 Hours Right Ascension, showing how far into the Zodiac Age of Pisces we currently are.

This means that we are now 13,517 years (56.3%) into the current Great Year as shown below

As this also takes in the Holocene period this is the year number system used in the UCC.



Our current era showing UCC and Gregorian year numbers for each Zodiac Age

* NB. Zodiac Signs & Zodiac Constellations

It is important when studying precession to understand the difference between the Zodiac Signs and the Zodiac Constellations

The Zodiac Signs share the same names as the ZODIAC CONSTELLATIONS but the two MUST NOT BE MIXED UP. The UCC always uses the Zodiac Symbols when referring to the Signs, either alone or attached to the name, but uses only the Name when referring to the Constellations. For example the Sign Aries is written as '♈' or 'Aries♈' whilst the Constellation Aries is merely written as 'Aries' 

The Zodiac Signs REMAIN FIXED ON EARTH whereas the constellations occupying those Signs gradually shift every 2000 years (on average) of the 24,000 year cycle. The UCC's Triad months are based on the Zodiac Signs.

The outer ring of Zodiac CONSTELLATIONS in the graphics rotate anti-clockwise around the inner ring of Zodiac SIGNS, just as the Earth spins anti-clockwise on its axis and anti-clockwise around the Sun, AND as the Sun therefore appears to move through the Zodiac. So, we could say that The Great Year is in fact due to 'The PRO-cession of the Zodiac' rather than the 'PRE-cession' of the Equinox!

The line between the Aries♈ Equinox and the Libra♎ Equinox is therefore like the centre bar of a DIAL, marking the 1st Points of the ZODIAC SIGNS Aries♈ and Libra♎ AND also therefore marking which Zodiac Age we are in the Great Year, as the 30° sections of the Constellations move around the ring of the dial

The SIGNS and the CONSTELLATIONS they are named after LINE UP once every Great Year cycle. If Sri Yukteswar Giri is correct this occurs at the trough of the cycle, in the middle of the 'Kali Yuga', the year 12000 UCC (499 Gregorian)

Zodiac Ages

The Zodiac Ages are like 'Great Months', (what we would call 'Great Triads') of the Great Year. In the UCC the current Zodiac Age is marked by the location of the Aries♈ Equinox. Currently as we saw above this is about two thirds of the way through the Constellation Pisces. So now if we switch the 12 Triad numbers on our graphic to show the Zodiac Ages of the Great Year instead of the Triads of the Year we can see we're in the 7th Age of the 12. 

During this Age it takes about 2,168 years for the Constellation Aries to move through the Sign Aries♈ and on into Taurus♉, during which time the Aries♈ Equinox precesses through the Constellation Pisces towards the Constellation Aquarius


   The 7th Zodiac Age or 'Great Triad' of the Great Year: Pisces

  Our current position in 'The 7th Age' or 'Great Triad' of the Great Year: Pisces
We are currently (as of 13517 UCC) in the year 1517 of this Age of Pisces
The Aries♈ Equinox will move into the Constellation Aquarius in the year 14168 UCC (2667AD)

The Yugas of the Great Year

The Yugas of the Great Year  
The four descending and four ascending Yugas
We are currently (as of 13517 UCC) in the year 317 Dwapara Ascending