Universal Community Calendar [UCC]

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UCC Year

The UCC is a Perennial Solar calendar based around the natural cycle of the Equinoxes & Solstices

It starts at the Aries♈ Equinox or 'The Nobenox' (North Bound Equinox) and consists of:

5 Intercalary Days


360 Standard Days divided into:

4 Quarter Seasons of 90 Days, 12 'Triads' (months) of 30 Days & 36 'Decans' (weeks) of 10 Days

So, there are 3 Triads in each Quarter and 3 Decans in each Triad as shown in the above graphic


Each Quarter also has 2 special 'Festivals' which collectively celebrate the '8 Fold Year'

The 12 Triads follow the Zodiac Signs of Western Tropical Astrology


In Leap Years of 366 Days the extra day is inserted at the start of the year as a 6th Intercalary Day


The Year Number follows the true 'Common Era' of the 24,000 year 'Great Year' Cycle


The 19 Year 'metonic' Lunar/Solar cycle is also included


The UCC Explained in Discussion...

6th FOUR-Cancer♋ 13514 UCC

(27th June 2013 Gregorian)

Thanks to Ben Aur of the 'Dr. Rock Radio Show for this podcast of our chat  which explains the Calendar

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