Universal Community Calendar

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The 36 'Decans'

UCC Year

The Universal Community Calendar Year consists of:

5 Intercalary Days & 360 Calendar Days divided into 12 Triads (like months)

Each Triad is divided into 3 'Decans' (like weeks). These are shown in red on the above graphic

Each Decan is exactly 10 Days long. This is one of the keys to how the UCC can help us break out of the 7 ('Slavin'!) Day Week. There are NO WEEKENDS in the UCC and the basic idea is that we each give 3 Days per Decan Week to our Communities, any 3 we choose! 

There are 10 days in the Decan because we have 10 components to our Solar System, the Sun and its 9 'children'.

3 Decans x 12 Triads = 36 Decans of 10 Days

36 x 10 Days = 360 Days

1 Day for each °Degree of the Earth's orbit

These are the 360 standard calendar days of the year, shown in the white circle on the graphic

Added to the 5 Intercalary Days these form the 365 Days of a standard year

  But the earth actually spins 365.2422 times each year, which is why we need to have 'Leap Years'

  the 10 days of the decan week named after the 10 bodies of the solar system

The Gregorian Calendar follows a 7 Day cycle with Days named after the Sun & The Moon and the 5 Visible Planets. But shouldn't we have a Day each for The Sun and ALL its 9 'Children'? One of these is sadly no longer with us. All that remains is 'The Asteroid Belt' (represented in our Decan Week by 'Ceres' (⚳) the largest remaining asteroid)

So, we could name the Days of the Decan after the Celestial Bodies of the Solar System working out from The Sun, based on the graphic above

☉ Sun | ☿ Mercury |♀Venus | ⊕ Earth☽ Moon | ♂ Mars | ⚳ Ceres | ♃ Jupiter | ♄ Saturn | ♅ Uranus | ♆ Neptune

But the main thing to remember is that the UCC has a Perennial day and date numbering system based on this 10 Day 'Decan' and the 30 Day 'Triad', so we can also just call the Days of the Decan after the name of the Number of each day from ONE to TEN giving us:

One's Day | Two's Day | Three's Day | Four's Day | Five's Day | Six's Day | Seven's Day | Eight's Day | Nine's Day | Ten's Day

And as far as the 3 Days/Decan given to the Community is concerned it could go something like this... 

  work rest and play

Anyone remember the old 'Mars' advert?! Image what a better work/life balance we'd have if an average Decan looked something like this... Working for the benefit of our Community 30% of our time seems very fair to me. And with time to focus on our life paths it would be a better planet for everyone...


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