The Universal Community Calendar is Part of Project Freeman

Part 2-Phase 6: Project Break-Free

Break Free of Control by Calendars, Clocks & Constellations

Break Free of 'Calendrical' Control

Research shows that control of the masses has largely been achieved over the ages via the introduction of the calendar based on a 7 day week, in turn based on "misinterpretation" (overtly or covertly) of various creation myths. All the major religions advocate this 7 day week where we are supposed to work for 5 or 6 of them and then worship on the 7th (usually a Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on the doctrine). But the old adage of "work rest and play" suggests that we only 'work' a third of our time. Unfortunately religions and 'Babylon' in general seem to have thought this time should apply to our HOURS!

I'm proposing we would all benefit from 'working' a third of our DAYS instead

My research into the history of Calendars proved very illuminating...

But now, let's look at my proposal for a Universal calendar (until the day returns when we can all communicate telepathically again and no longer need calendars!) that freedom lovers the planet over can enjoy


Break-Free From Your Current Calendar


Step 1. Your Age In Days

Several years ago when I came across a site by Peter Russell which included a 'Your Age in Days' section

I found that becoming aware of how many days I'd been on the planet, and celebrating every one of them, gave me a totally different perspective on life.

I'm currently (at the time of writing) on my way to 18,000 days on earth and hopefully have at least another 18,000 left to complete my 'mission'!

Why not give this a try by visiting Peter's site and finding out how many days you've had here?

You can add this number to your calendar


Step 2. The Universal Community Calendar [U.C.C.]

The next step is to break free from the 7 day week by adopting a new non-religious calendar


I have written a detailed explanation of this which you can read (here on our Facefook Group page) and have also included a summary below

You can also view the 'Proposal to UCT Trustees for the Adoption of a New Community Calendar which summarises the reasoning behind the development of the UCC


The UCC Described