New Year's Day [❂] 13515


(21st March 2014)


My 'DUEL' Star Theory of Precession

Starring Sirius - The 'Dog' Star


There are currently 3 main theories as to what causes precession:

1. The Luni-solar Wobble Theory

The currently accepted mainstream theory put forward by Newton, based on much older work by Ptolemy & Hipparchus

2. The Binary Companion (or 'DUAL' Star) Theory

Put forward by Walter Cruttenden, based on Sri Yukteswar Giri's 1894 (Gregorian) introduction to 'The Holy Science' (see page 13)

3. Orbital Spin - The 3rd Motion of Earth Theory

A recently proposed alternative by Rama Chandra Murthy Mothe

After many 'morning musings' about this 'precession obsession' of mine I have 'downloaded' a 4th possibility, a variation and combination of The Binary Companion and Orbital Spin theories above, which I put forward here today for consideration:


The DUEL Star Theory

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Our Sun, Sol, is in a 'Duel' relationship, most probably with the star we call 'Sirius' (The Dog Star) in what we perceive as the constellation 'Canis Major'

The gravitational effects of the Sirius system (consisting of Sirius A, B & possibly C) pull on Sol, and therefore the Earth and the rest of the Solar System, like a dog on a lead

The 'lead' sometimes goes slack, then tightens again, as Sirius A & B rotate about each other, having a greater then lesser pull on Sol and causing the Sirius system and Sol to move closer to each other then further away again

This affects the spiral (orbital) motion of Sol, changing what would otherwise be its solo course and causing it to swing nearer to, then further away from, the 'Grand Centre' of magnetism (the Grand Centre probably being the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way - 'Sagittarius A')

This in turn affects the spin and orbital motion of Earth, resulting in the phenomenon we know as The Precession of the Equinoxes


Types of Motion

We can imagine the effects of this 'dog on a lead' idea being one of two main possibilities:


1. The Common Centre

Sol and its Duel rotate about a common centre, held by the 'lead' of their gravities, rather like two people facing each other and spinning around, holding both hands in the centre. (You often see kids doing this)

This causes Sol to move closer to, then further away from, the Grand Centre


2. The 'Miami Fever' Fairground Ride

Sol and its Duel are held together as if they were at the two ends of the fairground ride rotating round and round side to side

The 'ride' is one of those where you all sit in a row facing out to the spectators and the ride moves up and to the side, around and around, first one way then the other

Like this 'Miami Fever' Ride below

Imagine Sol is at the far left of the ride and that is the direction of the Grand Centre, whilst its 'Duel' is at the other end

This periodically pulls Sol away from the Grand Centre as it tries to move towards it


I aim to provide more explanation and supporting evidence for my hypothesis as we go along


  Please email me with any views or comments you may have



© Litmus A Freeman New Year's Day 13515 [13515.00.01] UCC (21st March 2014 Gregorian)



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