The 8 Festivals of the UCC Year
Aries [☉⊕♈] Taurus [☉⊗♉] Cancer [☉⊕♋] Leo [☉⊗♌] Libra [☉⊕♎] Scorpio [☉⊗♏] Capricorn [☉⊕♑] Aquarius [☉⊗♒]


The 'Astronomology' of the

'Nolstice Cardinal Festival of Cancer♋'

[ ☉ ⊕ ♋ ]

Northern 'Summerfest' / Southern 'Winterfest'


A 3 Day, New Season Festival to celebrate the Cancer♋ Solstice aka 'Nolstice' (the N-orthern s-OL-ar ST-as-ICE) and the passage from the 1st to the 2nd Quarter Season

This period covers one of the 4 major Sun/Earth events, the 2 Equinoxes & the 2 Solstices, which divide our Year into its 4 Quarter Seasons

It is called a 'Cardinal' Festival because Cancer♋ is one of the 4 Cardinal Zodiac Signs;

Aries♈, Cancer♋, Libra♎ & Capricorn♑

They are called 'Cardinal' signs because cardinal comes from the latin cardo which means 'hinge/pole/axis', signifying the poles/axis of the equinoxes & solstices

So, we can symbolise these events using the Sun symbol '☉' & the Earth symbol '⊕' together with the symbol for the particular equinox or solstice

At this time the Sun is reaching the 'Tropic of Cancer' which is symbolised with '♋' so we can add this to the Sun & Earth symbols to give a combined symbol for the Festival:

☉ ⊕ ♋


The 3 Days of this festival each year are:


Day 1 [☉⊕♋1]

30th Gemini♊

Numerical Date [YYYYY.03.30]

Day #092 of the Year


Day 2 [☉⊕♋2]

'2nd Season's Day'

Numerical Date [YYYYY.04.00]

Day #093 of the Year

This day is the 3rd of our 5 special Intercalary Days which celebrate the New Year, the Equinoxes and the Solstices, and balance the year into 4 equal Quarter Seasons

It occurs between the last day of Quarter Season 1 (Northern Spring/Southern Autumn) and the first day of Quarter Season 2 (Northern Summer/Southern Winter)

It occurs the day after the 30th & last day of the Triad Month of 'THREE-Gemini♊' [03.30] and the day before the 1st day of the Triad Month of 'FOUR-Cancer♋' [04.01] and so has the numerical date 04.00, Triad Month 4 Day 0

It is the day marked as '93' in the blue circle on the UCC Year graphic at the top of this page

It has the symbol '' as it introduces the Quarter Season which forms this 'top left' part of the Zodiac circle

It celebrates the Nolstice, which most often also occurs on this day, when the Sun reaches its highest northerly point, due to the Earth's axis being tilted at its maximum angle of almost 23.5°, with the North Pole pointed directly towards the Sun

In any case the Nolstice will ALWAYS occur on one of the days of this festival


Day 3 [☉⊕♋3]

1st Cancer♋

Numerical Date [YYYYY.04.01]

Day #094 of the Year


So... On To The 'Astronomology' of the Nolstice

The following 3 shots from the package Stellarium show the position of the Sun on each of the 3 days of the festival










The Astronomy

The middle shot of the 3 shots above shows the Sun on its Ecliptic path at its most northerly point which corresponds on Earth to the 'Tropic of Cancer' (♋)

This is the intersection of the Ecliptic (the curved red line) with the 6 Hours Right Ascension (RA) line of the equatorial grid

This is shown as -  RA/DE (of date) : 6h 00m / 23°26'  - in the top left of the picture


At this point The Sun leaves the Star Sign Gemini ♊, which correlates to the 2 hours of Right Ascension from 4 hours to 6 hours

We can see that the Star Sign Gemini is currently occupied by the Constellation Taurus due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Great Year


The Sun is then entering the Star Sign Cancer ♋, which correlates to the 2 hours of Right Ascension from 6 hours to 8 hours

We can see that the Star Sign Cancer is currently occupied by the Constellation Gemini, again due to Precession


We can confirm this 'astronomological' link between the astronomy & the astrology with a shot from the website 'Planet Watcher'



The Astrology

This shot taken at the time of the 'Nolstice' shows the Sun at 0°Cancer♋

This confirms the Astrological alignment with the 6 hours Right Ascension line of the Stellarium Astronomy shot

You will notice that the Planet Watcher shot shows the same anti-clockwise cycle of the Zodiac as I have used for the Calendar, but rotated 180° starting with Aries on the left at '9 o'clock'

This is because the astrological Zodiac shows the Eastern Horizon on the left and the North at the bottom, whereas I've followed the Ecliptic path of the Sun, showing the North at the top and the South at the bottom!


And So...

We can see above the historical links between astrology and astronomy reflected in their modern day uses

And in the spirit of left brain/right brain balance and Scientific & Spiritual equilibrium, I think it's time we brought them back together!

After all, achieving BALANCE is what life is ALL about... In this way we become 'whole', a 'Holy Spirit'

Anyway, the main point to remember is that the Nolstice will always occur on one of the 3 days of this Cardinal Festival EVERY year and we can use this special 3 day period to meditate on the transition from the 1st Season into the 2nd and the change of natural energies that that brings


Happy New Season!

☉ ⊕ ♋