The 8 Festivals of the UCC Year
Aries [☉⊕♈] Taurus [☉⊗♉] Cancer [☉⊕♋] Leo [☉⊗♌] Libra [☉⊕♎] Scorpio [☉⊗♏] Capricorn [☉⊕♑] Aquarius [☉⊗♒]

UCC Year.Mid-Season3[☉⊗♏]

The 'Astronomology' of the

'Mid-Season Festival of Scorpio♏'

[ ☉ ⊗ ♏ ]

Northern 'Mid-Autumn' / Southern 'Mid-Spring'


A 2 Day Festival to celebrate the mid point of the 3rd Quarter Season

One of the 4 Mid Season Festivals occurring on the middle 2 days (15th & 16th) of the middle Triad Month of each Quarter Season

These signify the passing of the Sun ☉ across the mid points between the equinoxes and solstices

Together with the 4 'Cardinal Festivals' which celebrate the equinoxes and solstices themselves, these 4 Mid Season Festivals mark what our ancestors called 'The 8 Fold Year'

This one relates closely to what the druids called 'Samhain' and here is called the 'Mid Season Festival of Scorpio' because Scorpio♏ is one of the 4 'Fixed' Zodiac Signs;

Taurus♉, Leo♌, Scorpio♏ & Aquarius♒

which each fall in the middle of their respective seasons

They are called 'Fixed' signs in the Zodiac because they are fixed with the energy of their season, being in the middle, between the 'Cardinal' signs which open the door to each new season and the 'Mutable' signs which bring each season to a close

The equinoxes and solstices form the 'Solar Cross' symbolised by the Earth sign '⊕'

But, at these 'Mid Season' times, the Sun ☉ is mid way between an equinox and a solstice and these 4 mid points form the 'Galactic Cross' symbolised as '⊗'

So, we can symbolise these 'Mid Season' events using the Sun symbol '☉' & the Galactic Cross symbol '⊗' together with the symbol for the particular fixed Zodiac sign

At this time the Sun is crossing the mid point of Scorpio ♏ so we can add this to the Sun & Galactic Cross symbols to give a combined symbol for the Festival:

☉ ⊗ ♏


This Festival takes in the 15th & 16th (the middle 2 days) of 'EIGHT-Scorpio♏', the middle Triad Month of the 3rd Quarter Season.

So the 2 Days each year are:


Day 1 [☉⊗♏1]

15th Scorpio ♏

Numerical Date [YYYYY.08.15]

Day #229 of the Year


Day 2 [☉⊗♏2]

16th Scorpio ♏

Numerical Date [YYYYY.08.16]

Day #230 of the Year


So... On To The 'Astronomology'


So, we celebrate this mid season on the 15th & 16th of EIGHT-Scorpio♏ in the UCC because these are the middle 2 days of our 3rd Quarter Season

But there is actually a slight discrepancy between the calendar, the astrology and the astronomy due to the nature of the earth's spiral around the Sun ☉

In astrology the Sun ☉ reaches 15° Scorpio, the mid point of Scorpio and therefore the astrological mid point of the 3rd Quarter Season on the 18th of EIGHT-Scorpio♏ UCC

And this is actually the middle day between the Sobenox and the Solstice

But in astronomy the Sun ☉ crosses the 15 Hours Right Ascension line and therefore the astronomical mid point of the 3rd Quarter Season on 20th of EIGHT-Scorpio♏ UCC.


The Astrology

We can confirm this close 'astronomological' link between the astronomy & the astrology with a shot from the website 'Planet Watcher'

The Sun at 15° Scorpio on 18/8/13515

The Sun at 15°Scorpio on 18/8/13515 UCC

You will notice that the Planet Watcher shot shows the same anti-clockwise cycle of the Zodiac as I have used for the Calendar, but rotated 180° starting with Aries on the left at '9 o'clock'

This is because the astrological Zodiac shows the Eastern Horizon on the left and the North at the bottom, whereas I've followed the Ecliptic path of the Sun, showing the North at the top and the South at the bottom!


The Astronomy 

The following screen shot from the package Stellarium shows the Sun crossing the 15 Hours Right Ascension line

The Sun ☉ at 15 Hours Right Ascension

The Sun on its Ecliptic path crossing the 15 Hours Right Ascension (RA) line of the celestial grid on 20/8/13515 UCC

This confirms the Astronomical proximity of the 15 hours Right Ascension line to the Astrological 15° Scorpio point, which occurs 2 days earlier


The 15 Hour Right Ascension line corresponds closely to the mid point of the Star Sign Scorpio ♏ which correlates to the 2 hours of Right Ascension from 14hours to 16hours

We can see that the Sign Scorpio is currently occupied by the Constellation Libra due to the Precession of the Equinox of the Great Year


Why The Discrepancy?

The slight misalignment between the astronomy, the astrology and the UCC dates that we celebrate this event are because the earth's orbit is elliptical rather than round and its axis is tilted which means that the orbit doesn't fit exactly within a circle

In astrology, the Star Signs divide the ecliptic into equal 30° segments

But, the Sun spends more time - 187 days - above the equator than it does below - 178 days - making the seasons, and therefore the months, slightly different in length

The UCC balances the Seasons via its 5 special Intercalary days making them all exactly 90 days each, and the Triad Months all exactly 30 Days each.

But the Sun actually spends a bit more time in Quarter 2 (Cancer, Leo & Virgo) than it does in Quarter 4 (Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces) as it is further away from the earth during Quarter 2 due to the ellipse and therefore appears to travel slower in the sky making that part of the year a little longer.

The slide below shows when the nearest and furthest points of the elliptical orbit occur

Eliptical Orbit


So, we can see the historical links between astrology and astronomy reflected in their modern day uses

And in the spirit of left brain/right brain balance and Scientific & Spiritual equilibrium, I think it's time we brought them back together!

After all, achieving balance is what life is ALL about...

Anyway, the main point to remember is that we reach the mid point between the 'Sobenox' and the 'Solstice' around the time of this Mid Season Festival of Scorpio EVERY year


Happy Mid Season!

☉ ⊗ ♏