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The UCC Overview
Summary The Intercalary Days The 4 Quarter Seasons The 8 Festivals    The 12 'Triad' Months The 36 'Decan' Weeks Leap Years The Great Year
The Nobenox The Nolstice  The Sobenox The Solstice

UCC Year Number 13518 of the 24,000 Year Great Year/Yuga Cycle

(2017/18 Gregorian)

A New Perennial Solar Calendar Which Re-Aligns Us With The Zodiac & Natural Universal Cycles

Proposed For Use By All On Planet Earth ⊕


Because It Works The Same For The Whole Planet & Its Place in the Universe


Because It Has A 10 Day 'Decan' Week Cycle & Suggests We Give 3 Days Of Our Time Per Decan To Our Community

Currently In Use by The Troubadour Community Trust & On Trial Within The Universal Community Trust

To receive your own personalised Calendar please email me at:

litmus at universalcommunitycalendar dot com

with your UCC or Gregorian Date of Birth


Most Recent Updates

4th ONE-Aries♈ 13516

Blog 'The Moving of Mars' Posted


7th TWELVE-Pisces♓ 13515 [7/12/13515]

13516 Intercalary Days - Calendar Downloads Added


11th ELEVEN-Aquarius♒ 13515 [11/11/13515]

Blank Triad Month Template Added

13516 & 13517 Calendar Converters Added:

13516 Quarterly Triad Month Calendar Downloads Added:


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Astronomology and the Universal Community Calendar

Explains the Origins of the UCC and How It Works

(See the Media page for more, including an audio presentation)


Date Calculator

This Date Calculator converts between UCC & Gregorian dates

For full details, explanation, calculating your UCC Date of Birth & Your Age in Days see the Date Calculator page


UCC to Gregorian Calendar Converters

Three Years Ago

13515 to 2014/15

Year Before Last

13516 to 2015/16

Last Year

13517* to 2016/17

Tabular-Portrait Layout - COLOUR [13515]

Tabular-Portrait Layout - COLOUR [13516]

Tabular-Portrait Layout - COLOUR [13517]

Circular-Landscape Layout - COLOUR [13515]

Circular-Landscape Layout - COLOUR [13516]

Circular-Landscape Layout - COLOUR [13517]

Circular-Landscape Layout - B&W [13515]

Circular-Landscape Layout - B&W [13516]

Circular-Landscape Layout - B&W [13517]

  *Year Numbers shown in RED are Leap Years


The 'Astronomology' of the UCC Year Explained

Festivals and 'Triad' Months

Nobenox Festival of Aries

[☉ ⊕ ♈]

Nolstice Festival of Cancer

[☉ ⊕ ♋]

Sobenox Festival of Libra

[☉ ⊕ ♎]

Solstice Festival of Capricorn

[☉ ⊕ ♑]

Quarter 1

Northern Spring/Southern Autumn 

Quarter 2

Northern Summer/Southern Winter

Quarter 3

Northern Autumn/Southern Spring

Quarter 4

Northern Winter/Southern Summer


4.FOUR-Cancer♋ 7.SEVEN-Libra♎ 10.TEN-Capricorn♑


Mid Season Festival of Taurus

[☉ ⊗ ♉]


Mid Season Festival of Leo

[☉ ⊗ ♌]


Mid Season Festival of Scorpio

[☉ ⊗ ♏]


Mid Season Festival of Aquarius

[☉ ⊗ ♒]






UCC Calendar Downloads

Full Year - Intercalary Days plus Triad Months by Quarter

Tabular Landscape Layouts - COLOUR


Note: These Quarterly Triad Month Calendar Downloads (above) include my number of days on the planet, shown at the top of each day

If you would like your own personalised versions, with YOUR age in days shown on each day, email me with your Date of Birth and I'll send them to you :-)



What do you think?

Why not email me and let me know how this works for you




The Universal Community Calendar is part of Project Freeman Part 2-Phase 6: Project Break-Free : Break Free of Control by Calendars, Clocks & Constellations

and is currently on trial within the

Universal Community Trust

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