The 'Astronomology' of FIVE-Leo♌

The 5th Triad Month of the UCC Year

Starts on Day 124 of the Year
Date: 1st Leo♌ UCC [05.01]

(c22nd July Gregorian)

The positions of the Sun and the Earth at the start of the 5th Triad Month (FIVE-Leo) of the UCC Year


On this day (1st Leo♌) the Sun ☉ crosses the 8 Hour Right Ascension line of astronomical measurement in the celestial sphere

This Astronomical event coincides with the 1st Day of our 5th Triad (30 Day Month) which we can call 'Leo♌' as it closely aligns with the Astrological Star Sign ♌

Correspondingly then the Earth ⊕ reaches the first point of Aquarius♒ in its spiral around the Sun

The Star Sign of Leo ♌ in astrology corresponds to the 2 hours of Right Ascension from 8hrs to 10hrs - the 30° of the ecliptic from 120° to 150° - in astronomy

This Triad comprises of the Decans (10 Day Weeks) 13, 14 & 15 and runs from Day 124 thru 153 of the Year as you can see in the excerpt below from the Gregorian Calendar Converter for the UCC Year 13515

The Triad Month of FIVE-Leo - Gregorian Calendar Converter 

It is also the middle Triad of the 3 Triads of our 2nd Quarter Season; Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter in the Southern Hemisphere

This means it includes the Mid Season point of that 2nd Quarter Season in the middle of its middle Decan (Decan #14), a time which coincides with the Gaelic Festival 'Lughnasadh', the Cymraeg (Welsh) Festival of Calan Awst and the Anglo-Saxon (English) Festival of Lammas

(note: the Calan Awst wiki article incorrectly states the festival to be one of the summer solstice, when in fact it is a festival of MID SUMMER)

These festivals are all northern hemisphere festivals which celebrate the mid season point between the northern 'Summer Solstice' (Nolstice) and the northern 'Autumnal Equinox' (Sobenox)

The Gregorian dates for this event have slipped somewhat as you can see from the wiki link, as they do not allow for 'The Equation of Time'

(the Sun spends more days above the Equator than it does below)

But we mark this event in the UCC with a 2 Day 'Mid Season Festival of Leo [☉ ⊗ ♌]' on the 15th & 16th as you can see


We can see the Astronomy of this 5th Triad '♌' in the screen shot below from the package 'Stellarium'

the Sun enters Leo♌

Here we see the Sun crossing the 8 hour RA line having fallen to a Declination of +20°31' above the Celestial Equator

This marks the end of our 4th Triad Month 'FOUR-Cancer♋' and the start of our 5th Triad Month 'FIVE-Leo♌' in the UCC

This Triad Month 'FIVE-Leo♌' corresponds to the 2 hours of Right Ascension from 8hrs-10hrs.

[Right Ascension is measured Eastward (to the left in the pic) from the '1st Point of Aries' (♈), what I call the 'Nobenox', at 0 Hours RA, where the Sun's Ecliptic path intersects the Celestial Equator rising North]

This Astronomical section of the sky, and therefore our Triad Month of FIVE-Leo♌ and the Astrological Sun Sign '♌', are currently occupied by the Constellation 'Cancer' due to Precession


We can see the Astrology of this 5th Triad '♌' in the screen shot below from Planet Watcher

The Sun enters 0° Leo

The Sun ☉ enters 0° ♉


The Sun Sign ♌ is named after the Constellation 'Leo' which it aligns with through one 'Age' (a roughly 2000 year period) during each 'Great Year' cycle of Precession

Research of Precession suggests that we are currently around 13,515 Years into the average 24,000 Yr Great Year cycle, hence our 'Common Era' Year # in the UCC being 13515

The rate of Precession changes over the course of the cycle. It is currently at about 50.3 arc seconds per year.

If it stayed at this rate it would give us a cycle length of 25,765.4 years (360 x 60 x 60 / 50.3)

But this rate is increasing, meaning that the length of the cycle is currently getting shorter, heading towards its 24,000 Year average