About the Universal Community Calendar 

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The UCC Year is made up of 5 Intercalary Days+360 Calendar Days in 36 Decan Weeks of 10 Days in 12 Triad Months of 30 Days in 4 Quarter Seasons of 90 Days. The current Year is the 13,515th of the 24,000 year 'Great Year', in the 'Age of Pisces' and the year 315 Dwapara Ascending (Bronze Age) of the 'Yuga Cycle' AND 1,515 years past the bottom of the cycle which occurred in the middle of the Iron Age (Kali Yuga)


The UCC Explained in Discussion...

6th FOUR-Cancer♋ 13514 UCC

(27th June 2013 Gregorian)

Thanks to Ben Aur of the 'Dr. Rock Radio Show for this podcast of our chat  which explains the Calendar

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Also see slide presentations, podcasts and video presentations about the UCC on the Media page


A good Calendar is really a space/time coordinate measurement & synchronisation system!

It tells us where we are in the natural cycles of the galaxy we live in

So what are these cycles?

Well, there are 3 main cycles at play for planet Earth's location within the Milky Way...


The 3 Cycles


1. The Day

An anti clockwise rotational spiral of the earth on its axis which appears to make the sun move clockwise along the 'ecliptic' (the apparent path of the sun) across the sky through the zodiac


2. The Year

An anti clockwise rotational spiral of the earth around the sun which appears to make the sun rise in each of the 12 different 'months' (30° of the ecliptic) of the zodiac in turn over the year


3. The Great Year

An anti clockwise rotational spiral of the zodiac around the solar system, which moves the points of the 'equinoxes' (the points of intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator) backwards through the zodiac, a phenomenon known as 'The PRE-cession of the Equinoxes' but which I prefer to call 'The PRO-cession of the Zodiac'

(also see my song 'The Golden Age' for much more on this)


We can use the last of these 3 cycles to determine what 'Year Number' we are in as a true 'common era'

2014/15 Gregorian = 13,515 UCC