Leap Year's Day [✶] (and 'Nobenox' Day) 13513

(20th March 2012)

Prelude to the New Calendar

(Face-fook Post. At the time the calendar was suggested to be called the 'Planetary Freedom' Calendar)

Hello All - 'Happy New Day'


The 14th of #12 (Adar) in the year 5772 A.M. in the Hebrew Biblical Calendar

We're moving from the Solar 'Month' "Meena" to "Mesha" in the 5112th Year of the Hindu Solar Calendar (but they also use a Lunar one!!) or the year "313 Dwapara Ascending" for Hindu's who follow the modern version of their "Yugas" (Era's of time)

We're 3 days away from New Years Day of the year 2556 in the Buddhist Calendar

We say "20th March in the year 2012 CE" (meant to mean "Common Era - yeah Right!) in the Gregorian Calendar


It's 'New Years Day' - 1st of "Farvardin" in the Year 1391 in the Persian Calendar used in Iran & Afghanistan.

So Happy New Year to all our Brothers & Sisters on that part of the Planet (hope you're not feeling too threatened by aggression from "The West")


There are a total of 46 different calendars in regular use today. 46 Calendars related to ONE planet that is shared by Everyone!

Hence one of the reasons for launching <this Face-fook Group>, to propose ONE Planetary Common Era calendar for all free thinkers & lovers of Freedom on the Planet, who no longer want their lives to be directed by their state and/or religious institutions.

And, in this 'Planetary Freedom Calendar' thingy, it would today be
Leap Year's Day [symbol '✶'] 13513 CE (a true common era) but more about that in later posts...


Happy 'Spring' to the 'Northern Hemispherer's' and Happy 'Autumn' to the 'Southern Hemispherer's'.

Yep its the "Vernal Equinox" today (20th March Gregorian) but even that term is no good if you live in the southern hemisphere.

"Vernal" apparently means "of Spring" so like most Clock, Calendar and Constellation related terms its biased towards the Northern Hemisphere, mainly because 'Western Europeans' have historically been the dominant administrative (and military) force, exporting their 'cultures' to be enforced upon many a claimed 'territory' (legal term), not only in the Southern Hemisphere but also in what they called 'The East'

Any Globe Trotters, anyone from the Northern Hemisphere who's lived in the Southern one, or anyone who lives there now, will have first hand experience of how the 'Seasons' are completely the opposite down under. The Planet even spins the other way if you're facing the equator! So we need to be clear what we mean when we use these direction orientated terms.


Terms like 'The West', 'The East', 'Spring', 'Summer' etc. depend on your point of reference and perspective (I mean, how can it be any other way on a SPHERE!) and us in the 'Northern'/'Western' part of this sphere do well to remind ourselves of that regularly...

Part of this group's aim will be to suggest inclusive terms which will be common to ALL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET regardless of where they reside and we'll be getting to that later...


But for now, if you buy into the Planetary Principles of 'Common Ground', 'Shared Ideals' and 'Respect For All' as good things to aim for between all humans AND if you're interested in how our TIME has been controlled over the millennia via our Clocks and Calendars and how our State & Religious Institutions have manipulated not only our time but also our Consciousness accordingly, please stay up with the group and take part.

More Soon....

Part 2


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