Leap Year's Day [✶] (and 'Nobenox' Day) 13513

(20th March 2012)

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Common Era

"...Freemans Log - Earth Year 1 3 5 1 3..." (lol)

What Would The Year Be In A True 'Common Era'?

1. The Gregorian 'Common Era'

This isn't really a common era at all is it? It's just the Ano Domini (AD) Christian era tag, which was introduced across the Roman Empire by the emperor Justinian, changed to "CE"

2. Other Eras - Religions

As we saw earlier in today's first post there are many different year numbers and eras used by the main calendars, all for Religious purposes depending on who the particular religion's prophet or guru is and when said prophet last did something major

So we have different eras ranging from the 5700's in the Hebrew Calendar through to the 1300's in the Islamic Calendar

3. The Holocene Period

This is the term used for the period since Humans started to become organised and civilised and encompasses all our written history.

It was proposed in the 1950's to be around 12,000 years before the present day (c 10,000 BCE) and some have since suggested it be amended to 14,000 years before the present, as more and more evidence is found of older human impacts on the planet.

So this puts us to at least the year 12012 as the common era

4. Evidence of Calendars

The earliest suggested date that I could find through research for calendars being used was 11,000 to 11,500 BCE. So taking this together with the proposals for the revised Holocene Period puts us back to around 13,500 years ago

5. The Hindu Yuga Periods

Of all the major religions the Hindu Philosophy seems to be the best balance of Science and Spirituality. Their time periods cover millions of years and each of their ages is based on the precession of the equinoxes

The precession cycle averages 24,000 years over a 41,000 year period based on the variation of the tilt of the axis of the Earth (and is currently at about 25,772 years)

We are currently 13,513 years into this cycle (depending where we start from) and combining this with the other evidence suggests this is more accurate as the 'common era' (more details about precession in a future post)

6. Conclusion

As a trial for the start of the calendar I'm going to use 13,513 as the 'common era' year number for all human cultures all over the planet


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